About Us

My history

I have spent 14 years in law enforcement; serving as a patrolman and a High-Risk Transport Team Lead. I have also spent 16 years in the Air Force National Guard and have been a firearms instructor for the last 7 years.

During that time I have personally qualified over 6,000 military members in a wide range of weapon systems. I am a lead instructor for numerous weapons ranging from pistols to crew-served machine guns. I have been deployed several times and worked directly with US and Foreign Special Operations units. 

Additionally, I have been certified by the NRA as a Range Safety Officer and a Pistol Instructor. I became a certified Glock and Colt M4/AR15 armorer in 2012.

Our History

Stonewall Logistics was founded to provide firearms training for all levels of experience. Scott has been a military firearms instructor for the last seven years – personally qualifying over 6,000 military members on a wide array of weapons. He has provided training to students ranging from complete novices to members of the special operations community

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